August 11, 2020

Enhance your Slack life

You should prevent the mess

Slacks or the like can become difficult to follow environments if not managed. Many began to use them by replacing other means of communication but being different they deserve different attention. So I put together a list of tips based on my experience to use these new means to the fullest.


  • Use threads to reply on channels.
  • Slack is an "asynchronous" platform. Don't expect instant answers, that's what calls are for.
  • Don't expect to find a month old message again, if it matters put the content somewhere else.
  • If you can't reply right away, still leave a mark on the message you received. So whoever wrote to you knows that you have not seen it and you have not ignored it.
  • A well-written message is worth more than 10 written in bursts.
  • Channels:

    • If you create a channel, add a description.
    • Keep the description updated.
    • If the channel is no longer used, delete it.
    • Create a #trash spam channel. Mute channel notifications.
  • Use @here and @channel with 🧠 and sparingly.
  • Use emojis, they are cheap and help to understand.