🥵 ➡ 😌 10 extra minutes

🥵 ➡ 😌 10 extra minutes

When you think that you have given everything today, I'm sure you can find 10 more minutes to do something useful.

Can you be more specific?

Of course!

Use them to create, read, write something that will make you better a the thing that you really wanna do when you'll grow up 👷🏻‍♂️

Ok, but why?

10 minutes are enough to create a little habit. Not necessarily a daily habit, just a little starting habit.

At least the habit to find the strength to throw out from your brain 🧠 a bunch of things.

Even when you are really tired.

Maybe those 10 minutes won't pay for themselves today.
But after some months, I promise, you'll notice some differences 😉